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What Are You Called To Do?


What are you always thinking about?

People are always on a quest to finding their true purpose in life. From the age of nine, I was going to be a lawyer. I liked what I saw on television regarding what lawyers did every week. My show was Matlock. The main character was a detective and lawyer that really cared about his clients and was focused on ensuring that the case was won with truth and honesty. Matlock would investigate situations and would go above and beyond to ensure that his clients received justice. As a child, I enjoyed this show because it showed that when your voice was lost, that there were advocates that could help you. I wanted to be that advocate. I wanted to be a lawyer, just like Matlock in the show.

As I went through college with political science as my major and endured LSAT practice exams, I was ultimately bored. I could not understand the reason that my heart was not in my studies. I thought my process was going well, but my heart was not in it. As I was wait listed for law school, I received a letter from my alma mater inquiring if I would be interested in a master’s degree program within their education and counseling department. Since I was wait listed for law school, I decided to apply to the program. I figured that if I gained acceptance to the counseling program, that I could always attend law school later, and I would have had my master’s degree.  

I was accepted into the counseling education program and I loved my program. I learned about myself, I learned about handling people and circumstances. I enjoyed my classes and my academic mentor who guided me through the process of counseling. I did not receive admittance to the law school but it did not matter, my vocation found me. In the counseling profession, I am able to advocate for people who do not have a voice. I am able to empower those that need empowerment. I am able to listen and hear the needs of individuals where I can help them based on my educational and professional background.

I remain in the counseling field because I generally care for people and what brings them passion and life. I care to help those that need an ear because their bad day turned into a year of bad days or the problem that should have taken them one day to solve, is now taking more than 6 months to handle.

As a counselor, my purpose is to help and guide individuals to their inner reasoning and solutions. To show individuals, the beauty that is within them. To show individuals that, they matter and that they can overcome their problems and issues. To show, that their issue/problem does not have to be overwhelming and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am here to assist individuals through their tunnel of problems, issues and circumstances to their light of happiness, joy and freedom.

I do not just counsel individuals, I empower individuals to look inside and see the hope, joy and peace that is within them. 

As I grew into adulthood, I did not know my future. I did not know who I would eventually become in this life. In being open to other opportunities, e.g. the counseling program, showed me a piece of what it meant to give back to society; to be a part of helping to develop individuals into better versions of themselves, and I enjoy every moment. It is what I am called to do in empowering individuals and changing the world, one person at a time.

What is your calling? What were you born to do? Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities that are being presented to you?

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