Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety

Are you tired of depression and anxiety holding you back and controlling your life? Dr. Dinelly Holder and the team at Higher Life Pathways are here to help you along your healing journey.

Guide to Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are two separate mental health conditions, but they sometimes occur at the same time. Additionally, the symptoms of one can often mimic the symptoms of the other. Fortunately, you can receive treatment for both. Below, Dr. Holder and the team at Higher Life Pathways, providing online services to New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland, share the symptoms that are indicative of depression and anxiety and some of the techniques that are effective in treating each.

Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can both have a negative and significant impact on your daily life. Some of the most common symptoms of these conditions include but are not limited to the following:

    • Being constantly tired and easily fatigued
    • Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
    • Being irritable or moody more often than not
    • Trouble concentrating
    • Lack of interest in formerly enjoyable activities and hobbies
    • Restlessness or being unable to relax
    • Constantly being afraid or worried – typically about things most consider irrational
    • Changes in eating patterns, such as eating more or less than usual or eating when worried or bored
    • Constantly feeling like you’re worthless
    • Often being sad
    • Experiencing panic attacks
    • Having headaches, hot flashes, sweating, trouble breathing, pain in the stomach, rapid heartbeat, or other physical symptoms when there is no physical cause

If you notice any of the symptoms above, it’s important to receive a proper diagnosis.

Treating Anxiety and Depression

There are various techniques utilized to help address these conditions. Medication is among these techniques. However, the goal is to use medication while getting to the root of the issue. It’s not intended to cure your condition but to make the symptoms manageable while other techniques are employed.

Therapy plays a vital role in treatment, though the exact therapy techniques used will depend on your needs. Some common techniques include:

    • Dialectical behavior therapy or DBT
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT
    • Solution Focused Therapy

Additionally, lifestyle improvements are employed, such as exercise, journaling, and meditation techniques, to enhance your treatment results.

If you’re suffering from depression and anxiety, Dr. Holder and the team at Higher Life Pathways are committed to helping you heal and build a healthy life. You can take advantage of online sessions in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. Call (571) 946-8115 to schedule an appointment.


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